How to Cultivate Calming and Read Your Intuition with ADHD

lost in the woods blank signSo how does a person diagnosed with ADHD not only find a connection to their intuition, yet learn to develop it, trust and use it actively? This is the subject of our next community education presentation on Thurs., 9/26 at People’s Pharmacy on S. Lamar, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. How do we calmly empty ourselves so we can be filled?

Developing your intuition starts by creating an internal framework to rebuild your pillars of self-esteem and identity.  This occurs when you create your emotional safe place (ESP) and mental support group (MSG.) If you attended our July event, you’ll be familiar with these processes; if you weren’t there, don’t miss 9/26 to experience this for yourself.

You can also replay my guided visualization for Creating Your Emotional Safe Place by clicking here.

Learning mindful meditation skills to calm your body is another important aspect of developing your intuition.  If your mind is always racing to the next thought, or distressed because of a forgotten task, then it’s very difficult to hone in to your intuition.

The skill of calming myself at any given moment has been cultivated over many years.  My favorite vision for calming is the feeling of cool water gently flowing over my entire body as I sit in a babbling brook with no cares in the world.  In fact, take a moment to sit in the hallway next time you are at TLEC and listen to the deliberately chosen babbling brook fountain.  It just took me 6 months to find the perfect one so I could sit and visualize my favorite calming vision.  My ADHD hunter resilience does come in handy many times!

Developing the sense of how to read your own intuition is another important skill to cultivate. This month’s workshop will focus on defining and connecting to your intuition as we engage in experiential activities to practice developing your intuition. Honing your skills to connect to your intuition on a daily basis is yet another step to become more empowered.  Through meditation and intuition, your ADHD diagnosis becomes something you learn to master. ~James

Now go enjoy the next audio "Relaxing into Your Emotional Safe Place" by clicking here.