Finding Creative Ways to Manage Your ADHD

There is nothing like well-honed routines and strategies for a person diagnosed with ADHD.  I can stop and visualize just where my wedding rings are ~ (yes I have two) so I remember to put them on in the morning. I can also see just where I like to leave the little cup for my nightly supplements that remind me to take them before going to sleep.  These may seem like trivial routines to those without ADHD, yet for me, and others like me, they’re akin to cozy, comfortable blankets that keep my mind from going into overdrive. Personalized structures and routines for ADHD are just as vital as having beacons of light in a dark cave.  These beacons navigate us through the seemingly murky times we experience when we’re forgetful, distracted, or disorganized.  In order to thrive and feel empowered, you must create effective systems that naturally connect the dots in your over-amped brain.

These strategies need to be something unique only to you, that you can easily follow and remember. Focus on what naturally works to keep your mind in gear and stay on track. For some, it may be using color-coded systems, creatively utilizing your smart phone or iPad, or keeping an agenda nearby at all times to jot down what pops into your mind.

It’s important that you experiment and explore with different ideas until you find the connection that clicks. Keep in mind that others may try to squash your creativity; stay strong. Those of us with ADHD are only 4.4% of the adult population, according to a study cited Dr. Kenny Haddleman of Canada.  This would mean that 95.6% of the time you’ll be met with curious reactions from the ‘non-ADHD’ers’ who have no clue what you’re talking about when trying to find a strategy that fits.

This is your life, so slow down, think about your strengths, and visualize creative ways to manage your ADHD symptoms. Sometimes the sillier and funnier, the better for me. Write back and let us know about your oddest or most ingenious routine that helps you keep up with the details of life that ADHD so easily interrupts.