Resetting Your ADHD

The concept of resetting in the world of ADHD is a must.  Resetting is when you are thrown off by the disconnected or disruptive nature of ADHD that can come from so many directions.  The possibilities are endless from a missed appointment, to a poor evaluation of time, to feeling too different once again or to not being able to get to sleep once again because your focus is anywhere but going to sleep. So, the concept of resetting your mind to be able to refocus, staying calm or remaining connected to what you are doing is an ongoing need if you're diagnosed with ADHD.

A very important component in the need to reset from an ADHD disruption is to remember this does not mean something is wrong with you or that you are broken.  The 2 largest hallmarks I monitor for ADHD is that the IQ you were born with and the knowledge you have mastered in the world will always be there.  The challenge within ADHD is when the potential for which you have for this IQ and knowledge begins to get affected by the disruptions of ADHD or the the fact that your are consistently inconsistent because the nature of ADHD is that ongoing disruptions that are created just out of the nature of the condition happen throughout your life.  

The other issue is that the emotional stress of the condition will erode your sense of self esteem and self identity when you do not learn to manage the condition.  This effect on your esteem and identity is the subject of the book I am writing.  Rebuilding your internal pillars of esteem and identity are vastly important to handle the lifetime of distress that comes from ADHD.

These two areas create a great need for resetting when you are diagnosed with  ADHD.  So you want to be able to add to your toolbox of how to reset throughout your life.  Some of the many ways I reset are through:

  • meditation
  • listening to pleasant music
  • deep breathing
  • doing something nice for someone else
  • playing hooky and going to a movie
  • or many other ways to reset myself

The bottom line is your want to continually find new ways to do this so that the ones you  have are shiny enough to keep you connected to them.  The more interesting and unusual the better.  So get to resetting when your disrupted by your ADHD and know this is the most important beneficial thing to do and a powerful way to take care of yourself.