As adults with ADHD, many of us struggle to manage our symptoms in the real world. Even when we appear to be successful–in business, for instance, or as entrepreneurs or artists–we may flounder in the eddies of the ADHD brain. Sometimes counseling is the best place to begin getting unstuck. At other times, coaching is a better fit. The Life Empowerment Center's coaching process, grounded in neuroscience and informed by David Rock’s Results Coaching System, was developed for the business world, but has proven extremely helpful for anyone who wants to focus on the future–setting goals, balancing work and life, or learning to re-set after a stressful event without devolving into past patterns. As in any athletic pursuit, coaching clients “practice” the skills they learn, encouraged and enlightened by the coach along the way. Typically, coaching is offered in three-to-six-month chunks, making the process short, sweet and effective.

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