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Do you seek to embrace your life as never before? Welcome to The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC), where founder and director James Ochoa, LPC combines mentoring, coaching and counseling to help ADHD adolescents and adults devise custom-tailored solutions for their challenges. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of openness and acceptance; we pledge to keep the insights coming. At TLEC, we take on ADHD in a way we believe is truly new–with you, the client, as our collaborator and valued assistant. In short: there’s hope. Even if you don't have ADHD, you will benefit from our services. In today's world of higher stress, overwhelm and chaos, all our services could help you reach greater potential. Again, welcome.

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“James Ochoa is a fantastic teacher. He explains complex issues and concepts in a way I'm able to understand. His mentorship and coaching have helped me grow exponentially. His office staff is exceptionally friendly, and his office is relaxing and inviting.” –BF
“I knew that I was suffering from PTSD from a sequence of traumatic events that spanned 7 years. I had seen several therapists, and found some support and comfort, but nothing that seemed to help me find my way back to the person I once was. However, in just 2 sessions with James, I felt better and stronger than I had in years. James explained how my ADHD was contributing to my trauma, creating an obstacle to my recovery. I feel like I've gotten my fight back.”  –DD
“James is effective–he does not waste time! He identified my problems and moved quickly to workable solutions. Any executive wanting personal or professional traction should strongly consider working with James.” –RC
“James is a gifted therapist and innovator–Austin’s answer to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” –EP

“James is a talented business and life coach. He has an uncanny ability to think outside the box, and he holds each of his clients accountable to their goals and objectives.” –MH

“James has been the biggest positive influence in my career.He has also been my
personal coach and mentor for the past twelve years. I highly recommend his integrity
and know-how.” –MM


Where's James?

Podcast appearance: Distraction: Handling Mental & Emotional Stress
Feelings of irritation, disorganization and procrastination can throw your life out of balance, but they often go hand in hand with an ADHD diagnosis. In this mini, Dr. Hallowell chats with fellow ADHDer James Ochoa, LPC, about his life’s work to help others resolve their issues, tap into their passion and strengths, and realize their full potential by creating personalized strategies for success.

James Ochoa’s book: Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD 

Webinar appearance: Additude Magazine Webinar: How to lead a happy, productive life with Emotional Distress Syndrome Listen in as James tells it like it is. You'll be gazing upon beautiful images as he goes along, and hear (and read) some of his very best reminders.  All downloadable to keep handy and a bonus for you too! The Additude Webinar has been, by far, James's most successful online broadcast, driving Focused Forward book sales like none other. The word is getting out and ADHDers are finding the groundbreaking help and hope in his book to be the best yet. James does good work, doesn't he? Don't have a copy yet? Purchase it online here: Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD

Podcast appearance: Yes, You Can Turn ADHD Into A Marketable Strength The Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise. As we know, James is on a mission. To help ADHDers (and the people in our lives), make sense of the struggles of living with this condition. We tend to see the world in a very unique way, and we’re able to create a fantastic life for ourselves―if only we fully understand our neurological condition and learn navigational tools such as those James offers. Listen in as Krisstina arrives at her own Aha! moments.

Feature Article: Additude Magazine, You Are Not the Villain: ADHD, Emotions & Self-Blame  Emotional Distress Syndrome strips you of self-confidence, despite a lifetime of successes and a strong circle of support. It makes you feel flawed. Worthless. Hopeless. But it IS within your control. Here's how.  –Additude Magazine

Podcast appearance:  ADHD reWired Episode 126  with Eric Tivers "Listen in to hear about a 45-foot fire-breathing dragon and more on this podcast with Eric Tivers and ADHD Rewired! In addition to learning all about imagination and ADHD, you'll walk away with authentic tips on how to thrive with your ADHD! I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the show and hope you take away something new." –James

Podcast appearance: See in ADHD Talk Radio  4 Facts About the Emotional Distress Syndrome of ADHD.  ADHD Coach and confidante Jennie Friedman chats with James in this lively interview–both revealing personal gains and giggles plus some groans and pains as adults living and thriving with ADHD. Better still, they discuss how you can thrive too! A couple of professionals telling us what's what in their own lives and where you can find your own answers in James's new book Focused Forward: Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD.

Podcast appearance: MyNDTALK
Focused Forward with Dr. Pamela Brewer. Good questions make good interviews! Listen in as James imparts his special style of wisdom, humor, and empathy, and discusses his journey past pain and shame toward a future full of possibility, balance and joy. Click here to listen in on this fascinating conversation with Dr. Pamela Brewer.

TV appearance: James on Good Day Austin, we are really excited about this first live TV spot!