James Ochoa has a new story to tell with new solutions for the emotional distress of adult ADHD. Working from his recently published book FOCUSED FORWARD, James involves and engages audiences, from people with ADHD to their friends, family and the professionals who treat them. Having dealt with his own ADHD diagnosis, he’s acutely aware that the traditional lecture style—sitting still and paying attention for hours on end—isn’t optimal for ADHD adults. Instead, he provides frequent breaks, sometimes for meditation, at other times for participatory games, enlivening the atmosphere with fast-paced visual imagery and an engaging, conversational style. Participants leave Ochoa’s workshops with a thorough grounding in the science of the mind as it relates to ADHD, but also with a new appreciation of “strategic, therapeutic daydreaming,” and its potential power to reduce stress and generate joy.

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Designed for Austin area therapists and counselors, this peer support and training group meets monthly over a six-month period at The Life Empowerment Center. James Ochoa envisions the groups as a place where therapists can expand their knowledge of adult ADHD and strategize how best to help clients diagnosed with the condition, from reviewing the latest research to specific case studies to an ongoing forum of new ideas and interventions. The group will provide continuing education credits for LPCs and MSWs, but is not limited to those areas of specialty.

“I wanted to let you know I enjoyed our Austin In Connection workshop Saturday and have already used your Emotional Safe Place concept with one of my clients. Your genuine efforts to connect helped to deepen my learning experience.”
–DF, LPC, Austin

For more information–please contact or call 512-804-2343