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Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming: Powerful for Managing ADHD

Photo by  Rosie Kerr

Photo by Rosie Kerr

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Creating a positive connection with the self is difficult for those diagnosed with ADHD. We often experience frustration from being constantly distracted. Thrown off center by ADHD, we tend to suffer from low self-esteem. This makes it even more difficult to create a positive relationship with ourselves.

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming helps create this much needed internal connection. It’s important to have this connection. Without it, we aren’t able to manage emotions. Once we learn to manage emotions, confidence soon follows.

How I Use Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming

As one who has ADHD, I use the tool throughout my day. Practice of Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming helps me feel connection and enjoyment. In some of my Strategic Therapeutic Daydreams, I picture a favorite tree in my mind, paired with positive emotions. This brings instant connection to those emotions when I see a similar tree in real life. In this way, my mind is conditioned to experience connection and enjoyment throughout my day.

I draw inspiration from nature’s beauty for my Strategic Therapeutic Daydreams

I draw inspiration from nature’s beauty for my Strategic Therapeutic Daydreams

Why Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming Works

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming works by creating patterns in the brain’s neurological network. As the age old neuroscience concept says, “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” The more someone with ADHD fires the neurons, the stronger the connection becomes.

For Those of Us Diagnosed with ADHD

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming tends to be easy for the ADHD mind. Our minds are always wanting to think about things, and this gives the ADHD mind a place to do that. By focusing our daydreams, we rewire our minds, and we begin to manage our lives.

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming Also Helps Family Members

It helps families manage the stress of living with those diagnosed with ADHD. Practicing the tool together is also a way to help family members feel less alone in learning how to manage this stress. This creates a wonderful family bond for those with ADHD, as well.

Professionals with ADHD Clients Can Use Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming

This tool truly helps ADHD clients. Clients begin to feel good about themselves. Instead of feeling stressed about yet another ADHD inspired incident, clients feel a sense of control. Professionals will enjoy knowing that their clients can manage their emotions.

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming Is Motivating

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming gives those with ADHD an internal insulation against stress. We develop a personal connection to ourselves. We feel the mastery of being successful. This tool is forever shiny. Our imagination is our’s, so it is the ultimate tool for play and creation.

Strategic Therapeutic Daydreaming helps us feel in control. That’s why I say it is the most powerful tool for managing ADHD. Feeling calm, confident, and less stressed can often allude us. Thankfully, there’s a strategy to help us get there.

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