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Design Your Life to Work with Your ADHD

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Living with ADHD Means Consistently Being Inconsistent

ADHD can be an endless cycle of chasing shiny objects. Followed by losing interest. Followed then by a feeling of failure.

Throughout my life I have poured effort, time, and money into projects. The outcome was always the same: either they never developed, I quit them, or did not sustain them after completion.

I often felt extreme frustration from this cycle. It felt like ADHD blocked my efforts. The feelings of impossibility came up time and time again.

Eventually I developed strategies and learned to grow a private practice. Eventually I finished my book. Yet, these accomplishments don’t mean I don’t still deal with the same ADHD-related issues around completion.

Developing My Latest Webinar Training Series was No Exception

The development of the series required far more effort than I had to give. I felt labored by the efforts. My passion was waning. I was losing interest and connection to my purpose. Not good signs for the ADHD mind….nor for my wife, administrative assistant, or my own mental health.

I found myself over-amping — working from home, up late at night, up early in the morning. I did not stop and pause long enough to listen to my gut. It was telling me I was taking on too much!

The pressure to create something of value for those relying on me was intense. The old ADHD mantra, “OMG! I am failing yet again!” ran through my head, like it has for my entire life.

Then I Remembered: I Had the Power to Change My Direction

The decision actually came while listening to a meditation by Deepak Chopra. I call Mr. Chopra “my old trusted mental support group member.” His wisdom has been in my mind for over 20 years. In this particular meditation, he was dissecting the nature of time and how we all misperceive it. Misperception of time — that’s ADHD.

This mental support group strategy gave me clarity. I felt calm and centered. I knew that my purpose of living with authenticity would carry me through.

I Reached Out to My Pods of Support

My family offers great support when I need it.

My family offers great support when I need it.

If you’ve got ADHD, you need to build a support community of those who understand you. I drafted an email to my social media person who has worked with kids with ADHD. She gave me perspective on how to create the change authentically and powerfully. I talked it over with Kim, my bigger than life TLEC office overseer who knows my strengths and weaknesses better than I do myself. I laid it out for my wife Edie to get her perspective — she knows how to help when I am feeling overwhelmed and out of sync. Together my team and I decided to change the format, and to focus on giving the same value to those who have already purchased the webinar series.

A trusted group is essential to resetting when your ADHD brings you once again to an unmanageable place (or what certainly feels unmanageable at the time).

Same Purpose, New Strategy

I am centered in the direction I settled on. I chose to create a tighter time frame that fits better with how I work. The webinar training series will now be an educational video series. I also decided to create it with less effort by leveraging my team’s talents.

The Lesson: Design Your Life to Work with Your ADHD

I felt great relief having solved the dilemma in a personalized way that was my decision. I did not lose myself in the process. I used a dynamic strategy to settle myself during an Emotional Distress storm.

I want to help others create their own personalized system. The re-tooled educational video series will have a tight, to-the-point structure. I will deliver strong information about how to powerfully navigate life with ADHD. My path has changed. My purpose remains the same.

The entire educational video series will be released in May 2018. Email Kim at The Life Empowerment Center to be notified when the series is available.

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