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Featuring James Ochoa


The Complex

This educational narrative fiction podcast is based off James' book Focused Forward! It is a fun and lively podcast AND James gives detailed strategies and techniques he has perfected in his clinical practice to help those with and around ADHD. Listen here!

ADHD ReWired - Eric Tivers

Eric Tivers is a licensed clinical social worker, coach, podcaster, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. He specializes in ADHD and has worked extensively with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. He is a master of asking powerful questions and it shows when he interviews James. Listen below!

Take Control of Your ADHD - Nikki Kinzer

Nikki Kinzer is an ADHD coach, podcaster, and educator. She is a passionate individual with an immense drive to help those with ADHD better their lives by understanding and strategizing with their diagnosis. Listen below!

See in ADHD - Jennie Friedman

Jennie Friedman is an ADHD coach, podcaster, and author. With her warm demeanor and ability to simplify complex topics for the everyday person, she always creates an informative and easy to listen to interview with James. Listen to them below!

ADDitude - Inside the ADHD Mind

ADDitude is a well renowned magazine, webinar producer, and overall ADHD resource created by New Hope Media. They produced a webinar with James where he explains how to lead a happy, productive life with Emotional Distress Syndrome. Listen below!


Ready Set Love - John Howard

John Howard, MA is a relationship therapist and educator with over 15 years of experience helping people have awesome relationships. He is dedicated to helping spread love in the world by helping people have stronger, healthier relationships. Listen to John and James’ discussion about ways to reduce relational conflict caused by ADHD. Listen below!