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Storm Stories

Storm Stories


I’m 21 years old and only recently received medication for my ADD. My whole life I’ve been looked down upon, called names, been bullied, been taken advantage of, everything u can think of I’ve been through it. It’s caused me to feel terrible about myself which gives me anxiety, especially around others cause I’m scared of being hurt by them even if I have no reason to think that they would…

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Completely Off The Rails

Lost my job in January 2019, and now upon reflection my ADHD may have had something to do with it. 4 months have passed, and I have done sqat. Sitting at home and giving me all the time to do stuff, I learnt CAD design, became expert at Home depot, shopped for 3d printers --basically did all non essential stuff…

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Ruining My Daughter's Sweet 16 (and Our Relationship)

My daughter will turn 16 in one week, and I still haven't planned her birthday party. In my defense, I started asking her what she wanted to do a year ago, and she said that she didn't want a party. About 3 weeks ago, she decided that she DID want a party, and that she wanted to get some hotel rooms for her and 12 of her "closest" friends (most of whom I have barely even met).

In the meantime, my son turned 12 one week ago, and I had his sleepover party for 8 boys…

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HealthyADHD the Meltdown

…Inspired by reading James’ book, I created an emotional management program to support women in leading more balanced lives with ADHD.

Only one problem - in all of this I have been unable to make a living. In fact, I have spent far more money attempting to learn and improve myself than I have made in the last couple years…

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The Inception of Shiny Shorts

In the summer of 2018 as I was finishing my video education series, I was looking for my next shiny object to chase. My narrative fiction podcast "The Complex" was being listened to by thousands of people and my mind swirled with possibilities of a second season, yet, the funding was too much to take on. So, I began having lightning strikes, which are mental bursts of activity that jumpstart ideas for me. I ended up getting the idea for Shiny Shorts as the next evolution The Complex. Mind you, I…

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