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Storm Stories

Storm Stories

Ruining My Daughter's Sweet 16 (and Our Relationship)

My daughter will turn 16 in one week, and I still haven't planned her birthday party. In my defense, I started asking her what she wanted to do a year ago, and she said that she didn't want a party. About 3 weeks ago, she decided that she DID want a party, and that she wanted to get some hotel rooms for her and 12 of her "closest" friends (most of whom I have barely even met).

In the meantime, my son turned 12 one week ago, and I had his sleepover party for 8 boys…

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HealthyADHD the Meltdown

…Inspired by reading James’ book, I created an emotional management program to support women in leading more balanced lives with ADHD.

Only one problem - in all of this I have been unable to make a living. In fact, I have spent far more money attempting to learn and improve myself than I have made in the last couple years…

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The Inception of Shiny Shorts

In the summer of 2018 as I was finishing my video education series, I was looking for my next shiny object to chase. My narrative fiction podcast "The Complex" was being listened to by thousands of people and my mind swirled with possibilities of a second season, yet, the funding was too much to take on. So, I began having lightning strikes, which are mental bursts of activity that jumpstart ideas for me. I ended up getting the idea for Shiny Shorts as the next evolution The Complex. Mind you, I…

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