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Storm Stories

Storm Stories

The Inception of Shiny Shorts

By James Ochoa

In the summer of 2018 as I was finishing my video education series, I was looking for my next shiny object to chase. My narrative fiction podcast "The Complex" was being listened to by thousands of people and my mind swirled with possibilities of a second season, yet, the funding was too much to take on. So, I began having lightning strikes, which are mental bursts of activity that jumpstart ideas for me. I ended up getting the idea for Shiny Shorts as the next evolution The Complex. Mind you, I am still seeing 25-30 clients a week as a full time therapist along with managing my own storms created by the EDS of my own ADHD.

So, after I birth the idea of Shiny Shorts as my next podcast, I decided to announce it nationally on Taking Control of ADHD with Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright in an excited, impulsive and unplanned way. This set the stage for another storm of going too fast and getting ahead of myself, but I know announcing it creates the pressure needed many times to help me stay focused and give the idea a stronger hold in my mind. 

I eventually make a very broad plan to have my son Jules help me record "these new podcasts" in his winter break from graduate school. He agrees yet is clear it is my job to develop as he is entrenched in graduate school and will not have any time to give to the idea. Of course, I agree readily yet in my mind the alarm bells go off and I think, “do you think you’re taking on too much here James?” I quickly dampen these thoughts, though, with my overpowering drive saying, "I will figure this out somehow.”  

So, as the time grew closer and my need to plan the development of Shiny Shorts grew greater, I put a bit more pressure on myself and announced in my newsletter that Shiny Shorts would be released in January without really having a firm plan of how this would happen with Jules. Of course, I blew past what my wife Edie casually told me, "maybe you shouldn’t tell the whole world about this yet” as I continued to build the pressure that I knew works so well in my life.

Winter break comes around, my family goes on vacation and I am sure Jules and I will have time to discuss the podcast idea at some point. Well that some point continued to not show up because I did not create the space and besides "I was on vacation.” So, as we drove home 12 hours before we are to sit down to record Shiny Shorts I bring up the topic and say “we will just work it out tomorrow.” Jules looked at me as the topic came back on his radar and said, “NO, let’s talk about it now.” I then commit to, in the next 12 hours, look over the list of tools and topics he created last summer that came from the The Complex and write out relevant storms for each one. Mind you, we get home at 6pm, I have been on the road for 5 days, and we still need to unpack.  

So, I think, I will just do this after dropping my oldest son off at the airport at 6am by going to a local cafe and having breakfast to create the direction for the podcast. Yet, I toss and turn about it all night, wake up to take my son to the airport, drop him off, then on my way to the cafe it is clear I cannot force myself to figure this out and need to go back home and sleep. I do this and wake up 2-3 hours later with the clarity of how Shiny Shorts needs to develop!

So, Shiny Shorts will be a monthly podcast that will feature a real storm of those diagnosed with ADHD, starting with me and how Shiny Shorts came to be! Each month, another storm of someone who posted will be chosen to feature on The Complex’s new series Shiny Shorts. Even as I write this I feel the pressure of the storm I am creating with Shiny Shorts. That is how my mind works diagnosed with ADHD but it is for something all of us diagnosed with ADHD need, a place to find answers and support for these storms. So, let the STORMS of Shiny Shorts begin, I say, in all their glory!

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