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Storm Stories

Storm Stories

HealthyADHD the Meltdown

I've been writing about and researching ADHD women for nearly four years.

I started out as a blogger who wanted to build a community. I guest posted, did podcasts, attended the conference.

Then I became interested in the emotional aspects of life with ADHD.

Inspired by reading James’ book, I created an emotional management program to support women in leading more balanced lives with ADHD.

Only one problem - in all of this I have been unable to make a living. In fact, I have spent far more money attempting to learn and improve myself than I have made in the last couple years.

I recently told my husband I am going to burn the whole thing down and just be a housewife. In all honesty, I spent 48 hrs crying after I did my taxes.

I love the community I've built. But at the same time, I am totally discouraged and as a result falling into some kind of depression. Hopefully temporary.

Does that count as a storm? LOL

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