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Storm Stories

Storm Stories

Be a part of the TLEC Storm community by sharing your latest or most bizarre ADHD storm on this page.

Definition of a Storm: Any event that causes this cycle:

1) Something irritates/overwhelms/startles you.

2) You get into a survival instinct of “fight, flight, or freeze.”

3) You activate coping mechanisms like eating, sleeping, making impulsive decisions, etc.

4) The blame ends up on you.

5) Everything eventually calms, leaving damage in your life.

The Podcast

James: “I am creating Shiny Shorts as the next iteration of my podcast The Complex and as what all of us diagnosed with ADHD need: a place to find answers and support for our storms.”

*Disclosure: This page is not meant to provide any form of clinical therapy to those sharing their stories or otherwise. Any information posted to this page will only be posted with the explicit consent of the author.


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