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ADHD - From Answers to Action

Over 5,000 Books Sold  Because James' Strategies Work for ADHD

Over 5,000 Books Sold Because James' Strategies Work for ADHD


James built his reputation on mastering the emotional and mental distress of ADHD

James' diagnosis of ADHD and his 29 years of clinical experience let him understand ADHD from the inside out.

Life-Changing Whether You Have ADHD, Treat ADHD, or Love Someone with ADHD

Those diagnosed, family members, educators, and clinicians will learn how to manage ADHD.

ADHD is a Lifetime of Frustration and Stress

Having ADHD creates frustrating cycles of overwhelm and distress.

Families become rooted in frustration, seeing the diagnosed as broken or disordered.

Clinical professionals begin to see their ADHD clients as having a chronic condition that cannot be managed.

James Ochoa has developed ADHD strategies that work for everyone.

James' strategies have proven to create more productive, powerful, and happy lives.

For those with ADHD, professionals working with ADHD, and those who love them - this 6 video series will help you:

  • Take control with personalized strategies that work

  • Experience closer relationships

  • Successfully manage the neurology of ADHD

  • Validate the ADHD experience

  • Succeed more consistently


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